Debonair - Mens high heels


(of a man) confident, stylish, and charming. "all the men looked debonair and handsome in white tie and tails" Our Mahogany Jav is often accompanied by a stylish and charming man.The Jav with its elegant broguing detailing on the front side and back of the shoe gives off a sense of class that looks traditional and masculine. It is available in a range of colours and is especially interesting when two colours are mixed. We offer a bicolour Jav, colours such as Mahogany and White or British Racing Green with White offer a luxurious and classic option.


The Jav fits perfectly with a suit and as can be seen here with our model a three piece suit fits in particularily well. What will you wear with your pair of Javs? Will you go down the classic route or will you mix it up with a pair of casual jeans or chinos?

Debonair Mahogany Javs