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The Beautiful Art Of Making A Shoe

Watch our video to see how your shoes are made. Cross Sword shoes are hand made using traditional techniques. Our classically styled high heel shoes for men have a lot of care and attention go into each pair. The end result is a beautifully styled individual pair of shoes that help you define who you are.


Until now the ability to wear heels, to feel taller, to improve your posture, to look dominant has not been easily available. When heels were first introduced royalty and men in powerful position within society wore them.


Wearing heels adds elegance to the suit or items of clothes you are wearing. It brings something extra to the outfit in the same way an accessory would. It screams 'style', 'elegance', 'attention to detail' and an ability to show pride in your appearance.

Stand out in the Crowd

Fantastic shoes naturally draw the eye of the passer by and show everyone your personality and style. They make you the centre of attention and show others the way forward. Be a trendsetter and be the first of your friends to wear unique Cross Sword shoes.

Express Your Personal Style

You have wanted a unique look and something that is different but want to stay within the bounds of what is considered to be fashionable or subtle enough to not draw the wrong type of attention. Cross Sword shoes allows you to be different and yet confidently comfortable. It allows you to stand out from the crowd but does not make you a spectacle.

Look long and Lean

Wearing heels gives you the appearance of looking long and lean, It emphasises your legs and gives you visually and physically more height. Looking longer and leaner has been an aim for many females in the past so why not men too.

Boost Confidence

Wearing heels gives you more presence in the room, it boosts your confidence and makes your style the talking point of conversations. Lifting you higher they give you more status and increase the chances of receiving a well-deserved compliment.

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