About Us

What is Cross Sword?

Cross Sword is a new company that have identified a lack of products for those that wish to wear masculine styled shoes with a high heel. Cross Sword is the answer to those that have longed to wear heels but men’s feet are different and shoes designed for a feminine foot will not be comfortable on a man. At Cross Sword shoes our first priority is comfort and as a result our designs have been produced solely for the male wearer. Cross Sword footwear give the wearer the ability to feel proud, to wear fashionable shoes and own the empowerment that so many women receive from wearing high heels.

Wearing high heels provides an attractive posture, gives confidence through additional height and allows you to show how comfortable they are with wanting to stand out in the crowd. We wish to continue to provide unique styles that provide these qualities and fill the workspace, venues and restaurants with men feeling confident about the look.


The Design

Designs are drawn directly onto covers that are made from the last. Using these covers gives the designer a strong idea of the proportions, look and technical application of the design. The designs have been narrowed down to a select few that are in the range that you see on our website.

From these designs computer renderings have been made that allowed the designer to pick and choose which material(s) they liked best in order to give the customer that Cross Sword look. A look-book was then produced and from this, and the shoes were then picked. Prototypes of the renderings were then manufactured by our factory for further review.



The product that you see and can feel has gone through hundreds of checks to make sure that the measurements are correct. We pride ourselves in our quality control checks which enable us to deliver a high quality and beautifully finished product. One of the many checks we do at every stage of the manufacture is to make sure that all components are cut or produced according to the designers measurements.

This manufacturing process means that the customer receives the best possible fit for his feet and as a result the best possible comfort.


The Last

The Last is carefully designed and prototyped in Germany by a well known last developer. Time, care and attention has been taken to ensure that the best possible fit is achieved by a Cross Sword shoe. Since Cross sword is no ordinary shoe, the fit is extremely important to us and consideration of this starts with the last. Our lasts are handmade from wood and modelled until the fit is correct. We do not stop modelling until the fit and style is just perfect.



Our shoes are hand crafted by skilled technicians with years of working hours between them. Their combined knowledge, skills and understanding of the products they are making produce footwear of the highest quality. The highest quality controls and attention to detail mean that Cross Sword produce footwear of the highest quality.


British, German and Italian

We have heard it time and time again, The Italians make the best leathers and are always at the forefront when it comes to innovation in materials. The Germans are meticulous in their precision in manufacturing and the British are at the tip of the spear when it comes to innovation and creativity. That's why we decided to use the best elements from all three enabling us to deliver excellent quality, comfort and style.



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