Cross Sword mens high heel Jason shoe in Wine from the side

Jason Wine

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The Jason handmade mens high heel.

The Jason is a casual and formal Chelsea boot perfectly suited to exquisite colourful suedes as well as highly polished leathers for the upper. Jason's main role is to provide a focal point for the tailored man, a perfect accompaniment to a two or three piece suit. Or to look amazing with a pair of smart jeans. Wear the Jason and demonstrate that you lead the way in fashion and class.


Jason is manufactured in the United Kingdom and Germany using the finest Italian leathers. It has a 100% Leather sole, a 100% Leather lining and a 100% Leather upper to give you the luxury feeling when you wear them. The 6cm high heel will give you the desired height you require as well as the elegance and class that you deserve. 


We have engineered the Jason to be as comfortable as possible by adding extra padding on the points of the foot that needs it most. Our shoe has been especially designed to accommodate a mans foot. A shoe you can comfortably wear all day.

Materials on shoe