The Gay Wedding Show - Cross Swords mens high heel shoes

What to expect?

Well the truth be know we didn’t know what to expect. We were briefed about what we would receive regarding the space but that didn’t help us with understanding how the event would pan out.


We took the decision a few months ago to exhibit at the Gay Wedding Show (The UK’s only official national gay wedding show)  as a close friend of Cross Sword Gunnar Flubacher had seen it advertised and thought it would be perfect for us. Indeed it was! We recognised immediately after his recommendation that our shoes would look perfect on two guys walking down the isle together. Once we had a vision of two men standing in front of the congregation proclaiming their love, we could see instantly how our product could be placed in an event that supports what we as a company respect and endorse.


We arrived on Sunday morning and were immediately greeted by Gino the host, he was so welcoming and excitable and we instantly knew that the day would not only be beneficial for us but a whole lot of fun. Gino introduced us to his husband who took us to our spot. We had a wonderful view of the whole exhibition and feel that it enhanced our experience. We started to set up our banners and the products. We decided to use the luxury boxes that we designed to show off our shoes. Once we were set up it was just a matter of meeting and greeting.

Overview Gay Wedding Show

Couples enjoying what was on offer.

Just before the event started Gino addressed all of the exhibitors to explain the format of the day. We were due to start very soon but the opening address from Gino was a lovely way to start the day. It was at this point we were introduced to Fonda who would be our entertainment for the day. She certainly put smiles on our faces!


Doors opened and the potential customers started to come in. From our perspective we stuck out a bit from the other exhibitors but not in a negative way, the majority of exhibitors were exhibiting products that were traditional to a wedding. I think it is fair to say that most people had not banked on hand crafted high heel shoes for men being there. However we received a lot of interest and a lot of compliments.


One of the most positive aspects of the Gay Wedding Show for us was the feedback that we received. So many people tried our shoes on and loved wearing them. They were genuinely surprised at how comfortable they were and how beautiful they looked on. Many people were taken aback at how they looked like normal shoes from the front and it was only apparent that they were high heels when viewed from the side!


We were lucky enough to have a few drag queens try on the shoes, I say lucky because we were able to ask them specific questions about comfort. They are used to wearing high heels and looked fantastic in ours when they walked around. Because they are used to wearing women’s high heels that have been increased in size they are not designed to fit a man’s foot as a man has a different shape foot. They all were really surprised at how well the shoe fits because it is larger in the places that matter.


Right at the beginning of the exhibition Gino came up to us and asked to try a pair on which he kept on for the entire exhibition. He moved so well in them especially when he took to the dance floor to dance with Fonda. So not only were our shoes worn – they were danced in!

Wearing the heels

Gino trying the shoes on


We definitely want to go back next year it’s a really lovely place to promote your product as everyone there is celebrating the prospect of getting married. This adds an extra special atmosphere which is not to be underestimated. We hope to be back again and to see a whole new cohort of young couples in love.