Cross Sword Launch - the new mens high heel

What a transformation! 

Wednesday the 8th of February saw Cross Sword open its gates to the public. Three styles with two variants were launched but how did we get to this point?


We had been planning the Cross Sword launch event for months but now was actually the moment where we display our hard work for the world to see. We were lucky enough to create a pop-up shop in Islington and spent the whole day transforming it from a commercial window blind showroom into our exhibition.

There were a million things to think about and consider but we knew that we wanted to fundamentally display our journey. 

Changing a blind showroom into a product launch for shoes was no easy feat. Walls and ceilings were painted, we had to remove all traces of the old showroom and replace it with our products. However we managed it and even got to display some of the future designs.

The future

Latest ideas for next season.


For the launch we produced all of our prototypes and proudly displayed them for all to see. It was the perfect opportunity for the public to handle the product and to see the craftsmanship. As all of our shoes are handmade they are all individual but that also means that they are beautifully made with a lot of attention to detail.


What was really pleasing to see was people trying the footwear on and seeing how it looked. 

We had an overwhelming positive feedback mostly based on how comfortable the shoes were. Jason Gardiner one of the judges on Dancing on Ice was really positive about our product and managed to try most of our styles on. We at Cross Sword thought he looked great and were really please with his feedback.

Jason Gardiner

Jason wearing Bicolour Jav's.

Sat together

Discussing the concept.

We would like to say a big thank you to Gay Star News, Fashion Bloc, Schuh Markt and Equally Wed as they have supported our new concept and us and helped us to bring product to market. Moving forward we are concentrating on working with other known publications and receiving feedback from them too. We hope to do more pop-up events, as we love to see people try on our products and tell us what they think. becksAll in all a well deserved celebration.