Why The Male Gaze Is Still Prevalent

The Male Gaze Is Still Prevalent

Have you ever wondered why there is such an imbalance between genders? The idea of sexual inequality is very apparent, especially in this day and age. To delve deeper into this topic, we will be discussing the male gaze and its role in sexual inequality in our society.

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How is the camera pointed?

Men have historically been the world’s leaders and the ones who “bring home the bacon” in individual families. This patriarchal system is not necessarily a bad thing. However, this system’s inherent attitudes and behaviours can disrupt the balance of responsibilities for couples both in the workplace and at home. For example, one person shouldn’t always do the cooking and cleaning for their spouse, both of them should be equal partners who make an agreement to split up household chores. Unfortunately, examples such as these are often portrayed in movies and other visual or written media, making it harder for our subconscious minds to detach from the patriarchal system. 

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What role did a female play?

Next, let’s review what the male gaze means. Back in 1975, film theorist Laura Mulvey brought the concept of the male gaze to everyone’s attention. She noted that film directors in general were choosing to cast female characters in lesser roles and essentially objectifying them for the sole purpose of visual pleasure on the big screen. As long as those women looked pretty, they were playing their part. This can make one suspect that many films are created by men, for men. Sadly, even since Mulvey exposed this, the male gaze is still prevalent.

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The next time you watch a movie, you may notice how particular camera shots will linger on the female character’s body in a slow and erotic way. On the other hand, films like The Avengers and Mission Impossible tend to accentuate men’s masculine features to emphasise their body’s physical strength. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, everyone can agree that an “ideal image” of what a man or woman should look like is perpetuated through visual media in our modern society. Due to cultural influences, the male gaze has been normalised to a point where we may not notice it anymore, making us virtually desensitised to what is happening before our very eyes.

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The difference between genders and what they wear in popular media

Why is it important to know what the male gaze is in the first place? Well, the first step required for change is to be able to recognise the problem. They say ignorance is bliss, so if you have never heard about the male gaze before, you know about it now and there is no turning back. Knowing about an issue is crucial, but what will make an overall difference begins by taking action to resolve that problem. Even though we may not have the power to change things overnight as individual citizens, we can all take personal responsibility and stand up for what is right. Nobody should not used in a way that objectifies them based solely on their appearance. We are all human and have the ability to make considerable contributions in the world regardless of how smart or pretty other people may perceive us. Let us seek to break down the prejudicial biases that are present and start speaking up about these kinds of relevant issues.

 why the male gaze is still prevalent - Cross Sword - Mens high heels

Don't let another persons view bring you down

Never allow other people’s perceptions and opinions bring you down. You are worth so much more than that, and no one has the right to take away your identity. Be proud of who you are and be an advocate for others who are trying to find their self-worth. You may be surprised how your daily interactions can make a difference, so be the good you want to see in the world. Even though there is an inequality between genders now, you can take steps towards changing that starting with your neighbours, friends, and family members. As we seek to better ourselves, we can create a positive change to lead us to a brighter future.