Gender Fluidity And How It Has Affected Fashion

Gender fluidity

Gender fluidity has drastically increased in popularity since 2016 when Jaden Smith decided to wear a Luis Vuitton skirt out in public. The concept of gender fluidity in fashion certainly didn’t start with him, but it did spark several conversations. Labels such as feminine and masculine are starting to blur with the gender fluid movement and the social pressure of dressing to match your gender is slowly starting to shift. Today we will discuss how gender fluidity has affected the fashion world and how certain brands have strived to really support the LGBT+ community at large.

 Cross Sword Gender Fluidity

Gender Fluidity

Fashion is a means of creative expression. Society has often set a standard for what is acceptable clothing for men and women, but many fashion designers are boldly paving the way to establishing gender fluid clothing lines. This brings hope to those of us who don’t define ourselves as strictly a man or woman. Instead of fitting the clothing for certain body shapes, gender fluid clothing seeks to fit the body types of individuals to the clothing. Some fashion designers are realising that many different gender definitions do exist. Everyone deserves to be able to express themselves through their choice of clothing, and it is refreshing to see brands that focus on clothing items that can fit several body types. Being gender fluid is quite literally a lifestyle and thus the clothing line designs should be well thought out in order to fit the needs of the LGBT+ community.

 Cross Sword Gender Fluidity

Art School
One such brand by the name of Art School in London is a unisex label which was co-founded by Eden Loweth. They specialise in luxury fashion and explore contemporary designs made with LGBT+ community members in mind. Not only does Art School involve these people as runway models, but they also collaborate with them throughout the design and clothing production process as well. Eden Loweth is truly passionate about her work and does not think of gender fluid fashion as simply a trend, it is a part of her life. This brand is a great example of someone in the fashion industry that cares deeply about gender fluidity and isn’t trying to take advantage of people by simply making trendy gender neutral clothing.


The use of color is most definitely a stereotype in clothing for any gender. Luckily, vivid colors are being incorporated more and more into all lines of clothing, including gender fluid designs. Gucci, for example, displayed their colorful suits back in 2016 that featured embellishments and several colorful floral print suits. This is one high-end brand that is unafraid to show the world that they have a progressive mindset. Who says that we all can’t wear whichever color we like? It is too limiting for anyone to be given a small selection of clothing designs that feature certain colors at the store. Having a variety of wardrobe options is really good because it allows us to express ourselves in different ways depending on the mood we are in. Colors such as pink and purple that used to be considered “feminine” are not just found in the women’s clothing section anymore thanks to this gender fluid movement.

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Toogood genderless fashion

British unisex fashion brand Toogood is also helping the gender fluid movement in the fashion world. They began their journey in 2013 when the circumstances for unisex clothing looked very different than it does today. The Toogood brand came from little experience but used their intuition to come up with designs that are truly timeless. They also focus on sustainability in their clothing lines and purchase materials that are available from local vendors. The materials they work with are built to last for many years, which is a wonderful thing. Toogood has so many blouses, trousers, coats, skirts, and jackets that feature classic neutral colors such as black and white. This makes it so that anyone shopping for their clothing won’t feel like the look of these clothing items is leaning towards women’s or men’s stereotypical styles. 

 Cross Sword Gender Fluidity

Gender free World Shirts


Another UK unisex brand called Gender Free World sells button up collared shirts. Their clothes are not form-fitting and designed for anyone to feel comfortable while wearing them. They also have a wide variety of colors and patterns in their clothing line. There are other brands currently out there who are seeking to bring the gender fluid movement to the forefront too. We look forward to seeing even more brands that are willing to make a stand in the fashion industry because their efforts help inspire future generations. 


Pictures from: Gender Free World, Toogood and Art School