Young Fashion Vs Old Fashion

We all know that traditionally, females tend to dress differently than males. However, why is it that young people dress so differently than older people? Today we will discuss some of the psychology behind the clothing styles we choose and why it can be easy to tell someone’s age by the way they dress.

 Young Vs Old Fashion - Cross Sword Mens High Heels

What do you shop for?

Deciding to stick with a particular style of clothing isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can stem back to the way our parents raise us. Our style preferences can originate from our subconscious minds because, as children, we tend to soak in everything from the time we are very young. We can recollect the particular styles of clothing that our parents and siblings used to wear. Because of this, it has a direct effect on the kinds of clothing we gravitate towards when we browse for new clothes. Another factor is what feels safe and comfortable to us. No matter when we have found our personal sense of style, the familiarity of those outfits will stick with us through the years. 

 Young Vs Old Fashion - Cross Sword Mens High Heels

Dressing like Dad?

Clothing trends will change over time, but if we continue shopping at the same stores or wear what we have always worn for years, those tend to be strong indicators of our age group. For example, pretty much everyone started wearing skinny jeans during the early 2010s. Today’s trend is leaning more towards bellbottom and bootcut jeans, so if we continue to choose the skinny jean look every day, we are deciding to stick to our comfort zone and no longer evolve with the current trend. 

 Young Vs Old Fashion - Cross Sword Mens High Heels

Skinny jeans look good with mens high heels too

Of course, our occupation has a lot to do with how we dress as well. Someone who works in an IT department dresses a lot differently than a professional chef would, for example. For the most part, our work attire depends on our professional work environment. We are also influenced by what we see others wearing every day in the workplace, which seeps into our subconscious minds. 

 Young Vs Old Fashion - Cross Sword Mens High Heels

What to wear at work

Eventually, we will form ideas around what we should wear based on what our peers are wearing. This can be especially true for women and shoes. If they love someone’s shoes, they will often compliment that person and then find out where they bought those shoes. Conversely, if someone feels stuck in a rut at their job, their clothing will most likely reflect the same thing, even after they go home. We have all seen people at work who wear pretty much the same outfit every day. Often, those are the same kinds of people who complain at work or simply don’t have a friendly demeanor about them. 

 Young Vs Old Fashion - Cross Sword Mens High Heels

Buying shoes based on someone else

In the end, we should take the time to find out what you really like to wear rather than always seeking to fit in with the popular crowd. Revamping your wardrobe from time to time is good because our sense of self is reflected by what we wear. When we look in the mirror and think to ourselves, “I am looking sharp today,” it immediately boosts our confidence. If you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes, it will manifest itself through your facial expressions and body language throughout the day. Even if we try to hide our feelings, other people can tell when something’s not quite right.

 Young Vs Old Fashion - Cross Sword Mens High Heels

"I am looking sharp today"

No matter your age, pick out clothing items that fit your body type, and most importantly, find clothes and accessories that make you feel good. Ultimately, it only matters what you think about your appearance, so don’t compare yourself to others. You are unique, and if you think you can pull off a particular look, don’t be afraid to try. The most important thing is to be true to yourself and wear whatever you think looks best on you. You can dress your age and still wear something that is trendy; it just takes a matter of time to test out different clothing styles.