Why Men Might Not Wear Heels As Much As They Should

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High heels have been around for centuries. The Persian army wore them to help stabilise themselves in the stirrups while shooting their enemies riding horseback. Over time, high heels became a symbol of power and prestige in many European countries, but today men in high heels are often looked down upon and even marginalised. We will discuss why men may feel hesitant to wear heels and shed some light on this subject.

Men Don't Wear Heels As Much As They Should - Cross Sword

Source: Bata Shoe Museum Persian Riding Shoe

From the time of  King Louis XIV, men in royal families accepted the idea of wearing heels. They were viewed as a status symbol because the ordinary citizens who worked on a farm to earn a living wouldn’t think to wear such impractical shoes. Remember that men wore breeches, which means their calves could be seen and accentuated. Wearing heels will make your calf muscles expand, and this makes your legs look more appealing. While heels were popular for a while, the fashion industry shifted and began making prominent distinctions between what they thought was masculine or feminine regarding clothing styles. This distinction led to the gradual decline of heeled shoes worn by men.

Men Don't Wear Heels As Much As They Should - Cross Sword

King Louis XIV

By the year 1740, about halfway through the Enlightenment period, it was rare to see men wearing heels, which was the case until the 19th century. Musical icons such as David Bowie, Elton John, and John Lennon rocked the heeled look in their time, and today there have been several fashion-forward celebrities that have continued that trend. Regardless of these celebrities, it is still not very common to see men on the street walking in heels unless they are wearing cowboy boots. Is it because some heels look like they go with a costume and seem inappropriate to wear with everyday clothes?

Men Don't Wear Heels As Much As They Should - Cross Sword

David Bowie in heels. Photo by Masayoshi Sukita

We know that photography has transformed high-end fashion. It has played an enormous part in self-image for both men and women due to today’s vast amount of advertising. Modern high heels have especially been utilised in the pornography business to make their female models look sexier. Another issue that may be holding men back from wearing heels is that they don’t want to draw any undue attention. While this may be true today, if we choose to support each other and wear high heels more often than not, that can significantly impact how the world perceives men in heels in the coming years.

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Heels have become very sexualised 

The fact is, there are many different styles of heels. Women aren’t the only ones that can wear them; that is just what the fashion world at large has chosen to emphasize. Breaking free from social norms like these is often met with derision and mockery, but we can’t let that stop us from wearing what we want to wear, especially when it comes to shoes. After all, women can wear any kind of shoe they like, and they often have a closet space set apart for their extensive shoe collection. If they can have that, what is stopping us from doing the same? Decide to stop hiding your heeled shoes in the darkest corner of your closet, and start wearing them proudly. If that’s what you want to wear, the only real thing stopping you from rocking those heels comes down to you. Show the haters who’s the boss and live boldly by expressing your style and true self every day.

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Cross Sword Heels show the haters who's boss

The consensus should be that men can wear heels simply because that’s what they like to wear. A conscious effort to wear heels comes down to expressing oneself more than being the “trendy thing” to do. Heeled shoes may seem feminine in our society, but it is up to us to break free from those stereotypes. Wearing heels often boosts confidence, but wearing women’s heels can be uncomfortable. Here at Cross Sword, we pride ourselves on producing high quality, fashionable heels for men. Don’t hesitate to check out our store and discover our collection of men’s stylish and comfortable heels.