What To Wear To Make Heels Look Even Better

Make Heels Look Even Better

High heels are no longer considered footwear that only women can wear. Men’s high heels have gained quite a bit of traction and are becoming more of a trend, particularly in recent years. Several fashion brands the world over are starting to recognize the demand for them and creating their own line of men’s heels. One of the best things about heels is that they can dress up any outfit instantly. Shoes are usually the last thing that people will notice when they see you, but today we wanted to share tips on how you can help your heels look even better. As you follow these tips, it will allow you to stand out from the crowd and maybe even turn some heads in the process.

 What To Wear To Make Heels Look Even Better - Cross Sword - Men's High Heels

Stand out from the crowd

No matter what pair of heels you want to wear, you should always consider the trousers you will be wearing with them because they will stop just above your shoes. To give you a starting point, if one of your trousers is slightly too long or too wide for a typical pair of street shoes, those bottoms would be excellent candidates to match with your heels. Something you may want to consider adding to your wardrobe is heeled ankle boots. These look good when worn with cropped trousers and can be as conservative or bright as you want them to be; it’s all up to you. Neutral colored shoes will always give you the most versatility in the long run because you will have the option to wear them with virtually any outfit.

 What To Wear To Make Heels Look Even Better - Cross Sword - Men's High Heels

Jason mens heeled ankle boots

An example of a stylish casual outfit with heels includes dark, slim jeans and a sleek leather jacket paired with shoes that are three or more inches tall. Traditional cowboy boots always pair well with a classic casual look with blue jeans and a t-shirt. When you want to have a more sophisticated, consider putting on a nice set of dark slacks with your polished-looking heels or pumps. If you are comfortable enough, you can also decide to wear a dress or skirt with your heels and take the world by storm. No one can stop you from wearing whatever you want to wear, so be bold enough to make a statement with your heels.

 What To Wear To Make Heels Look Even Better - Cross Sword - Men's High Heels

Jeans and leather Jacket

As far as your tops go, never wear things like hoodies with high heels. Blazers, cardigans, fitted jackets, and knit sweaters will always be a better fit with any kind of heeled shoe. Make sure to find colors that don’t clash with your footwear. The safest bet you can always go for is neutral-colored tops paired with accessories that add a pop of color to your ensemble. Lastly, one of the most obvious choices with men’s high heels is always going to be a tailored suit because it provides you with a keen, sharp look. 

 What To Wear To Make Heels Look Even Better - Cross Sword - Men's High Heels

A suit always fits a pair of heels

Know that no matter your height, you can look good in a pair of heels. If you’ve never tried them on before, we encourage you to expand your horizons and give them a chance. Historically, men were the first to wear heels, so don’t let modern society dictate what you should or should not wear. If you are hesitant to start wearing heels, you can always start with a pair of elevator shoes. These are conservative enough that people around you can’t easily tell you are wearing heels. It may take time to get used to walking in heels, so be patient with yourself. 


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Along with adding an element of height to your outfit, heels can be a significant thing that will tie everything together. Men in high heels are becoming more of a thing than ever before, and we are so happy to see this trend continue. Here at Cross Sword, we specialize in designing stylish men’s heels built with comfort in mind. Feel free to look through our online store and see what we have to offer.