What To Wear In Winter

Confused about what to wear in winter?

From layering essentials to winter colour palettes, we are here to discuss what to wear in winter. It takes a bit of planning to come up with a well-coordinated and sharp looking winter outfit. Today we hope to inspire all men with their winter wardrobe so they can look stylish and create a layered look the right way.

What to wear in winter - Cross Sword

Thick Scarf and Peacoat

While heavy coats can do well to keep you warm in the winter, wearing a layered look underneath is also helpful. The best part about layers is if you get too hot, you can simply remove a layer. Keep in mind that there are different ways you can layer but you should follow the same guidelines. Start with base layers like undershirts and collared shirts then move up to your middle layers such as cardigans and vests before adding on your heavy coats and accessories. Base layers are always the thinnest and though people may not see the base layers as much, these can still be seen in a layered look. If you don’t like a particular shirt on its own then it should not be worn in a layered look either. Wear shirts that aren’t billowy so that you don’t feel the need to readjust your base layer all day long.

What to wear in winter - Cross Sword

Layers provide flexibility


Moving up to the middle layers, sweaters and sweater vests are great go-to winter essentials. If you want to wear multiple middle layers, just be sure that you maintain a full range of motion in your arms. The last thing you want is to feel like you can’t move around a certain way. Over time that feeling will make you uncomfortable, maybe to the point where you want to rip off your layers like the Hulk. Middle layers don’t have to be bulky, just slightly heavier than your base layers to keep you warm. The best kinds of fabrics that will keep you warm include cotton, denim, leather, and wool.

What to wear in winter - Cross Sword

A wooden jumper provides heat and comfort

Let’s talk about the top layers for a minute. The number of layers you are wearing will help you determine which jacket or coat goes best with your outfit. Wool blazers and leather jackets are great to wear during the milder winter days. As the season gets colder, pea coats are a classic look. Be warned, suit jackets are very structured so the structured pea coat will most likely not fit comfortably with that kind of outfit. The respectable overcoat is a good choice for business casual men heading into the office. They look sharp but tend to not be as versatile of a choice in really wet conditions. It is best to wear these while heading inside and are best worn for more formal occasions. Trench coats are always a good choice and tend to be versatile, especially in rainy conditions. If you are looking for a warmer trench coat, try to find one with a wool lining. A parka coat is a casual coat with a fur-lined hood. These come in a variety of styles and are especially good to have in areas with snow.

What to wear in winter - Cross Sword

Make sure your jacket is weatherproof and stylish 


Now on to winter accessories. A nice wool cap will keep your ears covered and prevent the wind from passing straight through. Acrylic knit beanies are okay, but over time they can make your head sweaty and usually allow more wind to pass through them than a wool hat would. For a casual look, you can also find a stylish trapper hat to wear. Stick with neutral or dark coloured hats that can match most of your outfits.

What to wear in winter - Cross Sword

Primary function is to keep you warm

Scarves add great visual interest to a layered winter outfit. They are great at keeping your neck warm and protect you further from the wind. Like neckties, you can have a variety of scarves on hand to match with certain outfits. Scarves can either be solid or patterned but either way, they shouldn’t draw too much attention to themselves. Another essential accessory you should have is some leather gloves. These always look classy and help protect your hands from the wind and wet weather. It is best to have a pair of both brown and black leather gloves so you can match with any winter outfit you choose.

What to wear in winter - Cross Sword

Protect your hands with class

Lastly, we will touch on the colours that are best for winter. Since winter is the season with the least amount of sunlight, a darker palette is usually best. Stick with jewel tones such as burgundy, navy blue, mustard yellow, teal, and forest green. Casual flannel shirts are a classic choice for winter along with knitted sweaters and jumpers. We also recommend some dark wash jeans and black trousers for winter. Clothing items that are black and white will match any colour and are perfect for layering. We hope you stay warm this winter and find stylish ways to layer your outfits.

What to wear in winter - Cross Sword

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