What Does It Mean To Dress Like A Gentleman?

What does it mean to dress like a gentleman? Despite many misconceptions out there, it isn’t necessary to buy an expensive suit to look like a gentleman. What matters most is the way your clothes fit on you. Find a tailor you can trust to be able to get you nice pieces that fit your budget and style. It takes time and patience to build up your wardrobe, but search for articles of clothing that fit you well and are made of quality material. High quality clothes also tend to last longer, which means saving money in the long run. Don’t worry about the quantity of clothes in your wardrobe, worry about the quality from the start. Do your research and take a very close look at any article of clothing before you buy it. A gentleman shows that he cares about how he looks and also cares about the craftsmanship of an article of clothing he is going to purchase.

 Cross Sword Gentleman

Taking pride in your appearance 

When it comes to suits, do not take a salesman’s word for it. Take your time to decide what is best for you. Save up the money to get at least one custom tailored suit because those will always make you stand out and make you feel good. When looking for casual wear, find some dark coloured pairs of jeans that fit you well. Simplicity in an outfit can also speak numbers if you dress well and take notice about how you look. Do not make the mistake of neglecting your socks or underwear either, because those can affect how you feel. Wearing nice clothes should be paired with good quality underwear and socks to help boost your confidence. 

 Cross Sword Gentleman

Wearing nice clothes makes you feel confident

Dress shoes are an absolute must, and for one to pass off as a gentleman in different outfits, it is crucial to find different pairs of shoes to match the occasion. If you only go for a 50% off sale when looking for shoes, you often won’t find shoes that will last. It is best to go with a trusted shoe brand such as Cross Sword to find quality shoes. Check out this link to see some of our favourite dress shoes. For a classic look, try on our Brian Black Patent shoe or the Jav Mahogany shoe. If you want some handsome suede shoes, we offer a variety of colours and styles for you to choose from as well. The best thing about Cross Sword shoes is that they add height without compromising a comfortable fit.


Care about your wardrobe

From top to bottom when you care about your wardrobe, it shows. Look your best but still show off your personality in the way you dress through accessorising. Find a versatile watch, an eye-catching set of cufflinks, or even some coloured pocket squares to add interest to your outfits. It can be possible to look your best even if your clothes are from a secondhand shop. Stick with darker colours such as navy or burgundy that look more sophisticated when picking clothes from secondhand shops. Make sure you upkeep your clothes and shoes so that they always look neat and clean. Iron your shirts, polish your shoes, and dry clean your suits when necessary. 


Less is more...

Try to experiment and branch out a bit with your ties too. Dressing like a gentleman doesn’t mean you have to dress in boring colours all the time. Textures and colours help to create contrast, so take some time to look at tasteful patterns and colours that fit your style and run with it. We encourage you to be bold and test out a layered look when you can. Think about vests, overcoats, jumpers, or scarves that you can wear during the colder months. Different colours can match a person’s skin tone better than others, so it is good to take that into consideration while adding to your wardrobe. 


Show confidence in any setting

We hope you were able to glean some good tips about how to dress like a gentleman. Use these tips to help improve your wardrobe so that you can show confidence in any setting. The bottom line is to stay within your budget and stick with the classics if you cannot afford to keep up with trends in the fashion world. You can dress like a gentleman without having to spend thousands of dollars on any one piece of clothing or even one pair of shoes.