Trends Coming Back In Style In 2021

Fashion is an ever-changing thing that allows you to express yourself. Some things will always remain fashionable, but quite often, the winds of change come upon the fashion industry year after year. Designers such as Louis Vuitton love to shake things up and be at the forefront of what is considered high fashion. Since January is coming to a close, we wanted to share the up and coming trends to look for during the rest of this year. 



Casual comfort

The 1970s are back this year, complete with its vintage-style casual shirts and wide-legged trousers. Along with the 70s aesthetic, you will be seeing fashion featuring bright but soft colors, also known as “sorbet” hues. Think baby blue, lavender, marigold, light green, and rust. Several of these fall-inspired pastel tones are bound to pop up wherever you shop. 

 Trends Coming Back In Style For 2021 - Cross Sword

A strong baby blue

Don’t be afraid to break out your button-down collared shirts. You might just see every person donning one of these beauties out on the street very soon. A fresh take on men’s floral tops and bottoms also hit the fashion runway, so bold patterns are something else to consider adding to your collection. The classic polo shirt is coming back too. Now you will have a reason to wear your polos out and about; they aren’t just worn during golf tournaments anymore.

Trends Coming Back In Style For 2021 - Cross Sword

 Polo shirt is a timeless classic



Get rid of the idea that you always have to stick with just black, white, and gray tones. In 2021, the predicted trend is to add a pop of color to your monochromatic outfits. Use an accessory such as a belt or watch to make a statement. This pop of color helps to break up the monochromatic style in fashionable ways. You can test out this theory using different outfits during any season this year.


Trends Coming Back In Style In 2021 - Cross Sword

Offset those blacks and whites 

Bomber jackets

Many stylists such as Gucci, Prada, and Hermès showcased men wearing cropped bomber jackets in their shows. There is a distinct clean-cut look to these jackets that can finish off just about any casual outfit. Pair it with your favorite aviator sunglasses, and you are golden.

Trends Coming Back In Style For 2021 - Cross Sword 


Bermuda shorts 

Don’t be surprised to see a lot of patterned Bermuda shorts this summer. These aren’t just for beachgoers or surfers anymore. Wear these bold bottoms with your favorite pair of sneakers and tube socks. We’re not kidding; that’s what several male models wore down the catwalk while strutting their stuff in those flashy Bermuda shorts. Who knew that tube socks would ever be a positive fashion statement?

Trends Coming Back In Style In 2021 - Cross Sword

Photo by Vogue 

Nautical stripes

We’re not saying you should wear stripes every day, but the nautical theme was present at a number of fashion shows. The classic white shirt with blue stripes does fit right along with the blue tones for this season. Add on a solid blazer or pale blue cardigan to complete the ensemble.

 Trends Coming Back In Style In 2021 - Cross Sword

Photo by Isaac Hindin Miller


Gold jewellery

Wear those gold rings and gold chains with pride this year. Gold is never truly out of style, but you can bet that you will be seeing both men and women wearing more gold accessories in 2021. If you’re not into necklaces, start small, and don’t be afraid to add a little bling on your wrist. There are plenty of tasteful bracelets and wristwatches for men that will look good without breaking the bank. 

 Trends Coming Back In Style In 2021 - Cross Sword

Jewellery is the perfect accessory

Have fun and be creative with your fashion sense this year. Slip out of the baggy sweatpants and into those trendy wide-legged trousers. Flaunt your favorite casual outfits or rock some bold Bermuda shorts this summer. Whatever you decide to add to your wardrobe, stay true to yourself and pick out new clothes that you really like to wear. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable and stylish at the same time.

 Trends Coming Back In Style In 2021 - Cross Sword

Comfort and style can go hand in hand

Speaking of stylish, why not try on a pair of heels? We’re not talking about women’s high heels, but sophisticated men’s heels designed to fit comfortably on men’s feet. Our high-quality heels will boost your confidence and help you stand out from the crowd. Make 2021 your year and boldly show the real you.