Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Written by: Stefan Howarth
A comfort zone is something that everyone in the world has, it’s a boundary of comfort that we create in our lives to keep us happy and feeling secure. Whether it’s at work, home, within your group of friends or how you dress, most people find what they’re comfortable with and stick to it, therefore creating your own little comfort zone. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it should be celebrated that you’ve created a state of mind which feels familiar, safe and comforting, but what would happen if you were to step out of this? Have you ever considered stepping out of your comfort zone?
You often hear the phrase ‘step out of your comfort zone’ within the fashion industry and it’s mainly because fashion is ever evolving and refreshing itself with new trends and styles every season. Most people don’t take huge fashion risks and they tend to stay in their own little zone of comfort wearing similar clothes season upon season. However, did you know small fashion risks such as a colourful shirt, perhaps a hat or even a Cross Sword heeled shoe can alter your comfort zone and change your life forever? Stepping outside your comfort zone is a must and here are some extra ordinary reasons why:

Self Fulfilment

Being self fulfilled is described as carrying out one's deepest desires and the achievement of life goals which are important to an individual. To put it simply, doing what your heart wants you to do will make you feel happier in your life. Always wanted to try a heel? Then go for it! Yes it maybe out of your comfort zone, but the fact you tried something you wanted to do will make you feel happier, and in turn self fulfilled. Feeling self fulfilled not only means you feel happier, but it can help you feel more positive in your future. It can make you a more likeable person and a joy to be around, as well as helping you combat stress in your day to day life. Sounds great right? imagine getting all of this from a new pair of shoes that you've always wanted to try.
Wear what you want to wear
try wearing a heel, try something new

Helps Personal Growth

Personal growth is the result of continual efforts to improve ourselves, intellectually, morally and physically. Doing a simple act like stepping out of your comfort zone may not sound like a big deal, or something that could cause personal growth, but doing new and varied acts can increase your confidence and expose yourself to exciting and new experiences. It's these experiences and feelings that help you grow as a person and develop skills that you can use towards many different aspects of your daily life. People usually step out of their comfort because they have a want or need to, for example they want to try a new pair of shoes they've never worn before by Cross Sword, or perhaps an Avant Garde shirt, but in doing so it can open up many positive changes you'll never have thought about.
Black Suede Antony
Try a pair of black suede Antony's a subtle choice to start off with

Eliminates Fear 

We’ve all done things in our lives that we were slightly fearful of, and once we did them we felt accomplished and a sense of achievement, right? Well this is another positive aspect to pushing your own personal boundaries and stepping out of that comfort zone. The more you tackle things that make you slightly nervous or uneasy, the more you’re likely to realise their was nothing to be nervous of. This naturally eliminates fear, and a world with less fear is a very happy place indeed. 
Dress as you want to dress
Tackle your fears

Creates a positive impact on others

This is a personal favourite of mine, a reason that helps me keep pushing the corners of my own comfort zone. It’s something you’ve probably not thought about, as people’s level of comfort is a very personal thing, but visibly taking small risks outside of what you feel comfortable can impact so many people, from close family and friends to people you pass in the street. Being seen to positively take risks pushes the notion to the people around you that it’s safe for them to do it also. Think of the impact you could have on children who see you, or friends that are not as confident. A tiny change that you visibly make can inspire and support so many people you never thought it would. 
bathroom stefan
Your positivity effects others

Creates Momentum in life

Whether it’s towards your daily goals, life aspirations, or some wild dreams you’ve had. The fact you have positively taken a risk by stepping out of your comfort zone with something as simple as trying out a new shoe or piece of clothing, means you’ve created momentum. Momentum in your life to move forward. You’ll be less scared of taking new risks and stepping like of your comfort zone again, whether it be a fashion choice, career move or life aspiration. You’ve started the change, you know how easy it is to accomplish and you know how fulfilled you felt after and therefore more receptive to doing it again. 
Great things can happen when you slightly step out of your comfort zone, so why not put on that shoe, and walk forward, you never know where it may lead...
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